How to Share a Bathroom

October 6, 2019

As for the drama at home, the bathroom must be one of the most common actors. With high quality real estate and more people than bathrooms, sharing can bring you into the hot water – not the soothing kind. Whether you share a roommate, a wife or your children, you can reduce the stress of sharing space. With the right organization, you can remove the drama from the routine of the bathroom and save it for larger venues. (Do not even get us into the kitchen!) Follow these tips to learn how to share a bathroom and restore peace.

Invest in bathroom caddies

When you keep all your equipment in the bathroom, the problem is twofold. First, it clutters a space that may already seem too small. Secondly, it is difficult to access your business if someone uses the toilet. If possible, keep your bathroom business with you using a shopping cart system. Give each person in the house their own basket, which will keep their soap, shampoo, toothbrush and all the other treats on hand. Growing up, I shared a bathroom with my four brothers and a shopping cart system was invaluable for keeping the peace. Caddies can be taken to the bathroom and out. This keeps the space clean and prevents everyone from finding objects that are not theirs.

Separate towels

I am lucky to not have to share a bathroom with my three children. Still, they have a way to migrate to my main bathroom once in a while. One way to organize everything is to assign a specific color of towel to each bathroom. This makes sense if you have multiple bathrooms or several people sharing a bathroom. Assigning a color to each person or bathroom makes laundry super simple. This can also give you an idea of who left his towels on the floor.

With color-coded towels, you do not need to separate the towel rails or add hooks to the walls. Each person is responsible for his color, his linen and the cleanliness of his towels.

Limited time

We have just completed a renovation of the main bathroom which was so long that we had to transfer our things to the child’s bathroom for a few weeks. By sharing with five people instead of two, we quickly realized that the best way to learn how to share a bathroom while keeping the peace was to limit bathroom time. Instead of my girl putting on makeup and combing in front of the bathroom mirror, our new rule was this: the bathroom is used for showering, brushing teeth or toilet only. Everything else could be done in other rooms without tying up the bathroom for other people. A strict bathroom rule means that important things remain open.

Rush hour schedule

Let’s face it: no matter how sensitive you are to sharing the bathroom, there will always be times when you feel at home. While everyone rushes in the morning, it’s rush hour in the bathroom. This can certainly cause quarrels and stress, so it’s best to plan for those moments. If some household members can shower at night to relieve pressure, be sure to plan the time. Or, resolve to get up half an hour early to get in and out of the bathroom before the rest of the house begins to stir. Take note of the times when bathroom use seems to be the highest and plan your day based on when it is not so crazy.

Assign the cleaning

You hope that all your roommates, whether spouses, friends or children, are doing well. Bathrooms can be cluttered, messy and really dirty and, unfortunately, not everyone is willing to keep the bathroom as tidy as you are. Instead of waiting for the bathroom to stay clean, be proactive. Plan the cleaning hours and assign cleaning to a specific person. Without cleaning, it’s too easy to blame the toothpaste on the sink to someone else.

Skip the cleaning drama and make sure everyone takes their turn. That way, if the bathroom stays messy, you know exactly who does not pull its weight.

Hey, we put a lot of pressure on the bathrooms. The small space includes everything from the spa to the makeup chair, the podium and the tranquility. Make sure it does not become the main source of stress in your home. While the bathroom in your home may not be perfect, knowing how to share it can help everyone stay organized and reduce daily wrangling in your space.


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