Some Country Interior Design Styles

October 9, 2019

While country is a broad style that varies based on geographic locations it includes aged furniture pieces, vintage fabrics and homey accessories. Casual and cozy best describe this decorating style whether you’re referring to a historic villa in Italy, a farmhouse in the south of France or a ranch in Texas.

Whether your house is old or new you can transform it into a warm and comforting country sanctuary away from the stresses of daily life. No matter which version of country style you choose–simplicity is the key.

Contemporary Country

The country style is often confused with nostalgic memories of lace curtains, oak furniture, blue and white gingham and an abundance of apples and geese. Contemporary Country banishes these mental images with clean lines and a neutral color palette. Blend patinated wood, painted surfaces and metals to create a space that embraces current trends while recognizing the past.

The shaker-style furniture and the simple upholstered furniture play on the contemporary atmosphere while preserving its country atmosphere. Keep the accessories to a minimum. Authentic pieces made of terracotta and white iron stone blend well with modern dishes. Add a few storage baskets and a natural sisal rug to complete the look.

First American Country

The beginnings of the American country style date back to the beginning of the republic. It is inspired by the agrarian lifestyle, natural resources and furniture and handmade textiles of the time. The first settlers brought furniture from England, which also influenced the aesthetics of the American country style.

Light up a room by reproducing a historic colonial color palette of saturated shades such as red, dark green, Wedgwood blue, gray, rust and straw yellow set on neutral walls. Attach a sitting area or dining room with a painted canvas rug or woven fabric rug.

Fill your home with period furniture such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, Windsor or Hepplewhite. If you can not buy real antiques, many cheaper reproductions are available. Embellish fabric items with cross stitch patterns and vintage crew work. Colonial quilts make colorful wall hangings for this authentic country decoration style.

English Country

Imagine a thatched cottage in the Cotswolds, which is the essence of English country style. The look and attitude is a deliberate combination of British antique furniture, handpicked accessories and botanical colors. Current trends should not apply here. The patina, worn Persian rugs and faded flowers are the basis of this particular country style.

To create the appropriate mood, paint the walls in a creamy white magnolia. Wainscoting is a touch that also gives credibility to the illusion of the English country. If your cup of tea is not neutral, consider a wallpaper with flowers or pinstripes delicately pink cabbage in shades of mauve, green, yellow and periwinkle blue;

The overstuffed upholstered furniture is beautiful in formal chintz or more casual in crinkled linen covers. Tweed, cashmere, chenille and cotton are other suitable materials. Incorporate floral motifs, paisleys, damask and gingham. Window trim often consists of decorative panels of lace or lined curtains to prevent cold.

The vintage real estate sale finds a brilliant job with the family’s legacies. Showcase these cherished collectibles in collections published on trays, tables, huts and bookcases throughout the home. Still life oil paintings and scenes from the English countryside are the obvious choice for adorning the walls.

Farm Country

The origin of the farm country comes from pre-20th century rural life that includes paneling, shingle coverings, wrap-around porches and white fences. The original farm plan consisted of common rooms in the front with the kitchen and rooms at the back or upstairs.

Today, the aesthetics of farm design is as much a way of life as a style of decoration. He thrives on simplicity and DIY spirit. Flea markets, label sales and thrift stores find their place in the reuse and reuse components of this humble design approach.

Farmhouse Country is versatile, which makes it easy to incorporate pieces from other styles. Finished and worn duvets add a rustic touch. Add a crystal chandelier for a dose of fantasy. Metal and wooden furniture can be decidedly industrial.

Interspersed white painted furniture with aged wood finishes and soothing neutrals in the overall design. Use light blues, greens and butter yellows for a subtle contrast. Open shelves, butcher blocks and an apron sink make up the heart of the classic farmhouse. Do not forget an oversized table and chairs for organizing harvest dinners.

French Country

Romance is the key ingredient of French country style. Brilliant white walls or faded colors in subtle hues, such as Swiss cream, pale blue or butter-yellow, contrast with rough pine flooring to create the perfect backdrop for delicate muslin curtain panels. unbleached and a crumpled upholstery of soft gray velvet. Bergere chairs with generous curves and cabinets carved in white or natural pine emphasize the French country style.

Another way to inject the spirit of French France into your home is to use Provencal party textiles. Although the fabrics known as “the Indian” are native to India, these brightly colored cotton tablecloths, adorned with olive branches, sunflowers and lemons, have become synonymous with the southern Indian countryside. France.

Typical of the French country, other local textiles are transformed into sheets, decorative pillows and throws. Quilted bedspread in red, yellow or saturated bloomed toile de jouy, buffalo check skirts and rooster cushions reinforce the theme of French pastoral life. Whether you choose a subtle French country or its sunny Mediterranean adaptation, you will experience a pure joie de vivre.

Scandinavian Countries

The Scandinavian country style borrows from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Recognized for its sober design, the use of subtle colors and decorative details painted celebrates the virgin and hospitable lands of its origin.

The winters of the Scandinavian countries are long and cold, which explains why Scandinavian design takes advantage of colors and clear finishes. In fact, most wooden furniture is left in the natural state or painted white. In summary, the Scandinavian country style is composed of soft pastel colors, tons of white and cream, painted furniture, sleek design and simple lighting.

The style could be considered rather austere compared to other country styles. Although his style is not very decorative, it has fine and long furniture and large mirrors reflecting the light around the space. Bleached floors, wall stencils and hand-painted decorations are widely used. Short of delicate occasions, the floral print gingham is the most popular motif in textiles and upholstery. Natural fabrics such as raw silk, linen and cotton are the preferred coating materials.

Tuscan Country

The Tuscan country style is a passionate blend of texture and color. The Etruscan character is rustic and impregnated with tactile surfaces and natural elements. Plastered walls, washed in sun-drenched hues, and rugged stone, terracotta or wooden floors, are inspired by the warm, sunny Mediterranean climate.

If you are trying to recreate this look in your home, you will be delighted to find a wide selection of colors and painting techniques that mimic the weathered walls of a rustic villa. Keep furniture and accessories to a minimum. Tuscany is a very cautious style. The rooms are quite rare and limited to essential furniture.

Set up a Tuscan country dining room with an old trestle table, a mix of wood and armchairs and a storage cabinet. Simple accessories such as pastoral works of art, Italian pottery, olive baskets and candles give the rooms in the Tuscan countryside an authentic flavor.
Earthy tones, rough textures and sunny Mediterranean colors give it its authentic Tuscan look.


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